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One Year MBA Online

Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a great way to propel your business career forward. A comprehensive MBA program can prepare you for high-level executive and managerial positions. But earning an MBA through a traditional campus-based program can take two years of dedicated time. For employed professionals, taking a two-year career break can seem too great a sacrifice, if not impossible.

As an alternative path toward earning your MBA, Pittsburg State University (Pitt State) offers fully online MBA programs. The design of these programs addresses the above concerns of working professionals. Online classes are extremely convenient and flexible in terms of scheduling around work and other commitments. And you can complete Pitt State’s online MBA in 12 months, meaning you can use your MBA credential sooner than you might be able to with a traditional two-year program.

How Can I Complete My MBA in As Few As 12 Months?

Pitt State’s online MBA programs are accelerated, with courses concentrated into seven-week periods. Ten courses are required for degree completion — seven core courses and three electives (depending on the degree concentration you choose). Each course is worth three credits hours, with all ten courses adding up to the 30 credit hours required to graduate.

Five program start dates are offered throughout the year. So, for instance, students might choose to take two online courses during each of the five program periods, allowing them to finish the entire degree program in 12 months.

What Makes Pitt State’s Online MBA Convenient and Flexible?

Taking classes online allows you to schedule your classwork around your other responsibilities. Those responsibilities could be a job, a family, or any number of other time commitments. Pitt State’s online MBA can help you earn your degree while keeping up with the rest of your professional and personal life.

Plus, as noted above, degree candidates can elect to start their MBA at any of the five program start dates. And they can choose to take more or fewer courses during each seven week period. This allows for even more flexibility in scheduling schoolwork around the ebb and flow of a student’s work and life schedule throughout the year.

How Can Pitt State’s Online MBA Help Me Advance My Career Quickly?

Completing an MBA online while continuing to work can help professionals apply what they learn immediately. This can enhance their performance on the job, along with their knowledge and expertise in different areas of business management. In turn, improved performance can result in promotions to management or directorship positions. Demonstration of widespread business administration competencies can also open up opportunities in other departments or higher executive positions. And, of course, obtaining the coveted MBA credential in one year means that a professional can quickly pursue job opportunities that require applicants to have an MBA.

The design of Pitt State’s online MBA programs is ideal for working professionals looking to advance in their business careers. The convenience and flexibility of online learning can help you fit school into your busy life. The knowledge, skills and credentials earned can prepare you for success in many different areas of high-level business management. And if you earn your MBA in 12 months, you can reap its career-enhancing benefits more expediently.

Learn more about Pitt State’s online MBA programs.


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