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What Jobs Can I Get With a Master of Business Administration in Marketing Degree?

Would you like to deepen your marketing expertise and land a high-profile leadership role in an industry such as law, healthcare, real estate, entertainment, technology or advertising? The Pittsburg State University (PSU) online Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing program builds skills in leadership focus areas such as business analytics, business-to-business marketing strategy and international marketing.

Students in the program gain a management-oriented strategic approach to marketing analysis and planning that is in high demand across industries. Below are four positions graduates can pursue using the methods and skills learned in the online MBA in Marketing program. Each includes what each position involves, compensation levels and projected job growth (as of March 2023).

1. Marketing Manager

This position is responsible for developing and implementing an organization’s marketing plans and brand profiles. The marketing manager oversees a team of professionals within the marketing department and acts as an intermediary to upper management. The primary objective in this position is to enhance the brand’s image and reputation by formulating strategies within a predetermined budget. In addition to generating innovative ideas, marketing managers evaluate and authorize all digital and print advertising materials. They collaborate with an in-house marketing team or an external advertising agency to produce campaigns across various marketing channels.

Some of the day-to-day functions of this job include:

  • Analyze market trends, competitors and customer insights to determine target audience(s) and optimize marketing strategies
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams — such as creative agencies, product development and sales — to determine promotional goals and ensure consistent messaging and brand alignment
  • Create and execute marketing campaigns to promote products or services
  • Manage budgets and allocate resources effectively to maximize return on investment
  • Track and analyze marketing performance metrics — such as website traffic, social media engagement and conversion rates — to measure success and identify areas for improvement
  • Develop methods for collecting consumer data and evaluate responses from surveys and polls

Marketing managers earn a median annual salary of $133,380, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that employment for this position will grow by 10% through 2031, which is faster than average.

2. Market Research Analyst

This position assists brands and businesses in understanding the demand for their products and services, the demographics of their target audience(s) and their market(s) willingness to become customers. By acquiring this information, organizations can make informed decisions regarding their offerings, marketing strategies and marketing and sales methods to generate optimal results. Market research analysts utilize advanced statistical software (often with artificial intelligence features), various tests, analytics and data collection to forecast the success of a product or service, track sales trends and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Some of the day-to-day functions of this job include:

  • Track, analyze and forecast sales and marketing trends, including consumer preferences and the competitive landscape
  • Determine methods and techniques for collecting and evaluating market research data
  • Conduct research to determine which potential product and service offerings are likely to succeed
  • Collaborate with marketing and sales objectives to incorporate findings into campaign objectives

Market research analysts earn a median salary of $63,920 per year, and the position has a job outlook of 19% through 2031 — much faster than average.

3. Sales Manager

This position is a key player in sales departments across industries and businesses of all sizes with either products or services to offer. A sales manager is accountable for constructing and managing teams of skilled sales professionals to achieve sales objectives. The job often entails setting sales goals, creating effective sales strategies, analyzing sales data and making strategic improvements to boost team performance. Sales managers also visit national, regional and local offices, dealers and distributors to oversee sales operations.

Some of the day-to-day functions of this job include:

  • Develop sales plans and campaigns to meet organizational objectives for revenue growth
  • Set and track sales targets, quotas and individual and team performance metrics
  • Collaborate with marketing leaders to identify potential customers to target, as well as sales strategies, discounts and offers that can be effective
  • Recruit, train and motivate sales representatives and assign territories and goals

Sales managers earn a median annual salary of $127,490, and the BLS estimates that employment for this position will grow by 5% through 2031.

4. Public Relations Specialist

This position works in various industries and can operate in-house as part of an organization’s PR or marketing department or for an external agency or firm. Public relations professionals may work for public sector companies, government entities and nonprofits. These professionals develop strategies to build up and maintain their clients’ reputations. They implement these strategies by communicating to their target audience(s) through media channels and collaborating with cross-functional teams such as marketing and sales to ensure consistent messaging.

Some of the day-to-day functions of this job include:

  • Write communication materials, including press releases and speeches
  • Organize and execute events such as product launches, press conferences and media tours
  • Maintain relationships with media professionals, such as journalists, and pitch stories for their clients
  • Manage and respond to crises that could damage an organization’s reputation
  • Analyze metrics to determine the effectiveness of PR communications and events

Public relations specialists earn a median salary of $62,800 per year, and the position projects to grow by 8% through 2031, which is faster than average.

PSU’s online MBA in Marketing program can accelerate your path to numerous exciting and rewarding leadership roles. Students can complete the program in as few as 12 months and gain the in-demand, versatile skills for any number of jobs in the business and marketing spaces.

Learn more about Pittsburg State University’s online MBA in Marketing program.

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