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Why Earn an Online MBA in Healthcare Administration?

There is a high demand for competent and skilled administrators in the field of healthcare. Pittsburg State University recognizes this need and offers an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare Administration to equip aspiring professionals with the knowledge and expertise required to excel in high-level healthcare management roles. Combining a comprehensive curriculum with the convenience of online learning, this program empowers students to enhance their leadership and management skills while increasing their experience with finances, staffing and facility management.

This online MBA in Healthcare Administration provides a holistic and integrated approach to learning. Students delve into general business subjects and principles, industry laws and regulations, strategic planning, organizational behavior and targeted healthcare administration coursework, allowing them to gain a diverse skill set that is directly applicable to the healthcare industry.

Leadership and management studies supply students with the skills to motivate teams, facilitate change and optimize operations in the healthcare sector. This career-advancing program features coursework that focuses on healthcare policies, ethical considerations, quality management and the legal aspects of healthcare.

How an MBA in Healthcare Administration Can Increase Success in Leadership Roles

An MBA in Healthcare Administration provides a unique combination of healthcare expertise and business acumen, making graduates well-prepared to pursue and succeed in high-level healthcare administration roles. Below are some ways this degree helps graduates pursue and grow in various leadership roles.

  • Specialized healthcare knowledge. An MBA in Healthcare Administration provides a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry, including healthcare policies, regulations and best practices. This knowledge is crucial for managing healthcare organizations effectively.
  • Business acumen. Students in this program will learn fundamental business skills, such as human resources, financial management, strategic planning and marketing. These skills are essential for running healthcare institutions efficiently and making informed decisions that impact patient care.
  • Leadership development. Healthcare administration roles require strong leadership and management skills. Pittsburg State University’s online MBA in Healthcare Administration program emphasizes leadership development, communication and team-building skills that enable graduates to lead teams and drive organizational success.

Job Opportunities for Healthcare Administration Professionals

Graduates of Pittsburg State University’s online MBA in Healthcare Administration are qualified for high-level roles in a variety of healthcare settings, including these potential career paths:

  • Medical and health services manager. These professionals oversee the day-to-day operations of healthcare facilities, ensuring efficient delivery of services, compliance with regulations and financial viability.
  • Nursing home administrator. Responsible for managing long-term care facilities, nursing home administrators handle staff coordination, financial management and quality care delivery to residents.
  • Clinical manager. Clinical managers supervise specific healthcare departments to ensure medical services are efficient and adhere to quality standards. They also manage employee schedules, handle patient records and reports, and delegate daily tasks.
  • Health information manager. These healthcare professionals maintain and secure patient records, ensure data accuracy, keep the computer systems updated and implement health information systems to improve healthcare outcomes.
  • Management analyst. Management analysts, also known as healthcare consultants, identify areas for process improvement, efficiency enhancement and cost reduction within healthcare organizations.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and health services managers have a median annual pay of $101,340. The job growth outlook through 2031 is 28%, much faster than average.

About Pittsburg State University’s Online MBA in Healthcare Administration

Students in this AACSB-accredited online program will gain experience with the financial management of healthcare organizations, master key competencies necessary for success in healthcare leadership and acquire strategic management skills to implement policy. This 100% online degree provides the opportunities to continue working while earning the degree and to apply developing knowledge and skills directly to a job.

Learn more about Pittsburg State University’s online MBA program in Healthcare Administration.

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