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The Benefits of a General MBA Degree

An advanced business degree has personal and professional benefits, but what are the advantages of earning a general Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree rather than one with a specialization? A general MBA provides a solid knowledge base in management and business. Students can learn the essentials and gain skills they can apply to various fields in almost any business profession.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for business and financial occupations should grow at 8% through 2030. A growing economy, globalization, market ebbs and flows and a complex regulatory environment is expected to increase demand for professionals in the business industry. The average annual salary for financial and business professionals is $76,570, but income can vary due to location, experience and education level.

An online Master of Business Administration General program from Pittsburg State University (PSU) can improve career options by building business knowledge and preparing for leadership roles in the business world. This online MBA program can help graduates grow their professional careers and compete in today’s competitive business and financial job market.

The Advantages of a General MBA Degree

Earning an MBA degree is a popular choice for students in the United States. While some students will pursue an MBA directly after getting their undergraduate degree, others choose to wait and gain work experience before applying to graduate school. Pittsburg State University values work experience and allows students with three years in a managerial role to qualify for the online MBA program. This means no prerequisites or leveling courses are required, regardless of undergraduate degree specialization.

The following are some benefits of earning a general MBA degree:

  • Develop a solid foundation. General MBA graduates learn the essentials regarding management, business, problem-solving, communication and leadership. This broad base of knowledge can qualify graduates for competitive careers in various industries. Professionals with a general MBA can develop a comprehensive set of skills in finance, accounting, analytics, marketing, leadership and strategic management.
  • Learn to adapt quickly. Professionals with extensive knowledge are more adept at switching gears and seeing the big picture. The ability to adjust and stay ahead of shifting market cycles can affect long-term success.
  • Increase earning potential. Those with a general MBA aspire to lead in managerial roles. These positions can lead to increased annual salaries. In a highly competitive job market, general MBA graduates can set themselves apart from other job applicants by being an asset in any organization.
  • Improve communication skills. Communication skills are a valuable strength that allows professionals to succeed. By having the ability to effectively communicate with peers and management, a general MBA grad can build relationships and strive towards a common goal. Earning an MBA can help develop excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Develop management skills. General MBA classes focus on leadership and team building. By mastering managerial skills to implement policies, MBA program graduates can fulfill leadership roles and develop a successful team.

What’s Next

This 100% online general MBA program will prepare future business leaders for success. This degree program focuses on developing leadership skills and proficiency in practical experience with case methods. Students in this program will learn about financial strategies, capital budgeting, financial planning and cost of capital. In addition, students will gain experience with implementing management control systems, performing marking analysis and planning, mastering management skills and completing team-building exercises. Graduates are qualified to work as financial analysts, senior strategy managers, directors of business development and more.

Learn more about Pittsburg State University’s online Master of Business Administration General program.

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