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9 Job Options for International MBA Graduates

As a student in the Pittsburg State University online MBA in International Business program, you will prepare for a wide range of management roles within organizations around the globe. The program provides valuable insights into globalization and its effects on both developed and developing countries, with emphasis on competencies including management control systems, quantitative business analysis, leadership issues and strategic management.

Potential career opportunities for graduates of this program include the following high-growth, high-demand positions:

Note: Salary data is from November 2018.

International Trade Specialist: Median Salary $83,106 – $93,574 per year

This role typically reports to a department head or manager. International trade specialists coordinate financial credit and payment transactions for import/export operations. They often negotiate on behalf of their organizations with international banks. A primary responsibility is to confirm that documents, filings and regulatory reporting are executed legally, accurately and on time. These specialists must stay apprised of international events and changes in laws and regulations that may affect the import/export business. They also advise on issues relating to federal and foreign regulations, markets, and tariffs. This position typically requires two to four years of relevant experience.

Multinational Marketing Manager: Average Total Compensation $100,453 – $133,310 per year

Professionals in this position typically report to top management. The primary responsibilities are to devise and implement strategic international marketing plans for multinational businesses and to ensure that stated marketing objectives are met. International marketing managers must study the evolution of assigned markets to adapt plans accordingly, including marketing channels, forms of communication, style, messaging and pricing policies. They are also tasked with securing and working within specified budgets. Because they manage a staff, they have full authority and accountability for their personnel decisions and performance. This role commonly requires five years of experience in the related area and one to three years of supervisory experience.

Trade Relations Manager: Average Total Compensation $94,045 – $119,807 per year

This position, which usually reports to the head of a department, is responsible for managing and maintaining quality relationships with other trade partners and ensuring related objectives are achieved. The trade relations manager is a key voice in the development of public relations activities and is charged with maintaining a positive organizational image. To this end, professionals in this role research and analyze trade developments to identify risks and rewards of potential PR activities. This position typically has full authority for hiring and managing personnel. Five years of related experience are usually required, and one to three years of supervisory experience may be preferred.

Economist: Average Total Compensation $100,787 – $149,369 per year (Corporate II level)

An economist is an organization’s eyes and ears into pertinent economic trends and data. Economists design and organize data into report models, interpret the data, and generate reports and visual representations of economic conditions. Some projects are independent, while some are collaborative. Economists commonly report to a departmental manager as well as all levels of management on business conditions and research implications. This position typically requires four to seven years of related industry experience.

Global Management Consultant: Median Pay $82,450 per year

Management consultants or analysts working for global companies study and propose ways to improve organizational efficiency, improve operational efficiency, increase revenue and reduce costs. Some professionals in this role work as contracted consultants, while others work directly for their organizations. The consultants typically travel to client companies, perform on-site observations and interviews, and develop improvement strategies. These observations typically relate to business challenges or the development of alternative practices and procedures. Once the work is complete, the global management consultant makes recommendations through presentations and reports. Following this process, they often confer with organizational leaders to ensure recommendations are implemented and working correctly. This position typically requires four to seven years of related industry experience.

Consultant Foreign Exchange Trader: Average Total Compensation $97,524 – $226,507 per year

Another role that may be on a consulting or direct employment basis, the foreign exchange trader is charged with buying and selling of foreign currencies on behalf of a multinational corporation. Included in this work are recommending competitive foreign exchange rates based on market performance, executing trades, maintaining accounts, reviewing orders and ensuring transaction accuracy. The role commonly reports to the head of a department, and it typically requires a state license and two to four years of related experience.

Import/Export Manager: Median Salary $94,456 – $110,020 per year

This position directly manages the import/export process. This includes expediting the flow of shipments to and from foreign trade partners and making transportation decisions. The functions also include negotiating with trade partners and handling issues with customs officials, as well as overseeing customs documentation, paperwork and monetary transactions to ensure they happen in a timely and accurate manner. The import/export manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of a staff and ensuring that departmental objectives are met while adhering to approved budgets. This position typically requires extensive knowledge of all related functions with five years of relevant experience and three years of supervisory experience.

International Trade Policy Advisor: Salary Data Unavailable

Professionals in this role work for the governments of economically developed nations. Their specialization is international trade regulations, and they use their knowledge to help grow their economies by helping businesses to open new markets and selling their products overseas. They also work with organizations that import goods for resale in their countries. Often, they act as representatives for client companies in business negotiations and transactions. This position requires five or more years of related experience as well as certification credentials which are obtained through the International Trade Centre in Geneva, Switzerland.

Global Supply Chain Manager: Average Total Compensation $104,473 – $143,068 per year

Professionals in this position manage supply chain and logistics operations to maximize efficiency and minimize costs in an international organization’s supply chain. Included in this process is the identification of appropriate strategies for different markets, the selection and management of vendors, coordination of logistics and collaboration with managers across the organization to develop and maintain distribution center operations. Global supply chain managers ensure that project objectives are met within established budgets. This role typically reports to a senior manager and includes the management of a subordinate staff. The role commonly requires five years of experience in the related area as an individual contributor and one to three years of supervisory experience.

These roles are just a small representation of a world of challenging and rewarding opportunities available to graduates of the PSU International MBA online program.

Learn more about Pittsburg State University’s online MBA in International Business.

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