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Job Options for MBA in HR Development Graduates

With the current tight labor market, business leaders with a Master of Business Administration in HR Development are in high demand. Companies rely on these human capital experts to ensure that new hires can meet the demands of an evolving and increasingly competitive marketplace. Around 50,000 HR professionals are hired each year, according to the HR Certification Institute, and the career field is expected to grow by 9 percent by 2024.

If you are ready to enjoy the career advancement opportunities that an MBA in HR Development can deliver, the Pittsburg State University (PSU) online MBA in HR Development program may be right for you. The courses are taught by PSU faculty and cover, among other topics, management control systems, quantitative business analysis, and organizational and personnel development. Once you have completed the 30-credit-hour degree, you will be on your way to upper management positions.

Career Opportunities Abound

Human Resources Manager

One of the most common jobs associated with an MBA in HR is human resources manager. HR managers oversee a slew of tasks that involve hiring, paying and training employees. These leaders are well versed in employee regulations at the local, state and federal level. Beyond overseeing issues ranging from employee insurance to maternity leave and sick leave benefits, HR managers recommend policy changes to senior leadership. HR managers should be skilled at multitasking and problem-solving. The median pay for this position is $65,298, according to PayScale (March 2019)

Senior Human Resources Manager

While HR managers work to ensure that low-level tasks such as payroll, compliance and entry-level hirings run smoothly, senior HR managers focus on long-term strategy, enact policy and make the final decisions on issues such as employee termination. Senior HR managers generally work their way up through HR departments. The average annual pay for this job is $86,537, according to PayScale (March 2019).

Vice President of Human Resources (HRVP)

HRVPs generally work for large companies that already have a team of HR specialists. The VPs oversee contract negotiations, monitor regulatory compliance issues and drive company workforce policies. Since many of the issues they deal with address legal matters, HRVPs may work closely with the company’s legal department. An MBA is often a requirement for promotion to this position. The median pay for this upper management job is $134,313, according to PayScale (March 2019).

Employee Education Consultant

According to a CNN Money survey, 60 percent of employee education consultants report that their job is “low stress.” The freelance workers organize workshops and classes to improve an organization’s employee skill sets. Employee education consultants often say they enjoy not being tethered to one single employer. The job offers freedom and the chance to travel. Average pay is $62,634, according to PayScale (March 2019).

Executive Recruiter

Also known as a senior corporate recruiter, these executive-level HR professionals match the needs of a company with new top-tier leadership. Companies put great value on C-level executives and CEOs, meaning these recruiters can garner large fees when they successfully place a new candidate. Executive recruiters often work on retainer or by fees that are paid in full when a position is filled. Be warned: this field is highly competitive and is best suited for assertive, Type A personalities. The average pay for an executive recruiter is $77,214, according to PayScale (March 2019).

Learn How an MBA in HR Development Can Boost Your Options

Whether you’re seeking a career as an executive recruiter, employee education consultant or senior human resources manager, Pittsburg State University’s online MBA in HR Development program is designed to teach you the skills to thrive as a leader in human resources. The online program teaches core competencies while engaging students with new managerial theories and methods that businesses use every day.

Whichever path you choose, an MBA in HR Development from PSU can be a decisive step toward a new and rewarding career.

Learn more about Pittsburg State University’s online MBA in Human Resource Development program.


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